Jessica Hernandez – Owner / Blogger

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Welcome to Cottage Stays. This is a blog about setting up a bed and breakfast. The business of setting up a bed and breakfast is different from that of any other type business. Running a bed and breakfast can difficuly, each customer will have different consumer demands and different expectations. So, it is important to know about all these before you start your business.

I have been in the hospitality industry for the last ten years. Now I have three locations in various parts of the country, and I’m thinking of expanding it more. I am enjoying good revenue and expecting tremendous growth in the coming years. The start wasn’t easy, though. I was an immigrant from Spain, and the businesses here were very different from that in my home country. The people were different, and they had different corporate ethics and behavior. I started making lots of new friends and tried to understand their way of life. I worked here for two years before starting my own business, so that experience also helped me. Now I know all the ins and outs of doing business and am looking to share my knowledge

This blog is will help those who are trying to create a market in for their bed and breakfast with their unique products or services. If you are thinking of starting a bed and breakfast, this blog will be helpful.