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Four things to consider when starting your bed and breakfast

Four things to consider when starting your bed and breakfast.


When people think of setting up their own bed and breakfast they often think about a place where people can get away from their busy lives for a few days of relaxation to recharge their batteries. Here are some basic pointers to set you in the right direction for making your dream a reality


When starting your bed and breakfast there are four main points to consider before you get started.

  • Startup costs:
  • Location, location, location:
  • How much should you charge?:
  • Employing the right people to help you succeed:


Startup costs.

Whilst it is easy to think too far into the future about how you are going to run your bed and breakfast, it is important to understand the costs involved with getting your site to the point where you can start bringing in guests.

When deciding how much you want to spend on your bed and breakfast you should consider the type of clients that you are wanting to host, or are likely to host. Are you looking to bring in tourists, people on business trips or couples on romantic get aways. Each will be expecting different levels of service, accomidation, activities, and overall quality.


Location, location, location.


A very large part of what will determine the clientel that frequents your bed and breakfast will be the location of the property. For example if you based in a university town you can expect that you will get an influx of university students during sporting events. Whereas if you are in a more touristic setting then you can expect that your will have more people during peak seasons, whilst during the off seasons you will have very limited numbers of guests. Picking a location that suits the way you want to run your bed and breakfast is important so that you are able to gain a realistic expectation on what your bed and breakfast will look like once it is up and running.


How much should you charge?


Covering your costs is always priority #1 when running your bed and breakfast. When working out a price scheme for yours you will need to consider how much you will earn throughout the year. Include vairiables such as peak season, any events that may draw extra guests to your bed and breakfast as well as things that may cause your bed and breakfast to have a few quiet times. Most people set up a bed and breakfast as a lifestyle change for themselves rather than to make a lot of money, ensuring that you have the right price to attract the right people as well as making sure that you are able to run and maintain your property.


Employing the right people to help you succeed.


The people that you have working for you can often make or break the reputation for your bed and breakfast. Esnuring that the people you employ are polite, friendly, and professional. Even if you are not considering hiring anyone, understanding the level of service that people expect at a bed and breakfast will set you in the right direction towards establishing a quality establishment with an outstanding reputation.